• Outdoor model

    Outdoor model Model props mainly refer to model props that display art, fashion products, advertisements, etc., and also represent a type of occupaContact Now

  • Female model customization

    Female model customization Men and women body clothing models props men and women body headless clothing models props men and women (up/down) half-length clothiContact Now

  • Male model

    Male model The model props manufacturer tells you that the clothing model props are themselves imported goods. In 1573, the ItaliaContact Now

  • Child model

    Child model The model is very close to the real person in the shape, the ergonomic curve design is almost perfect, and it is as sexy and real as Contact Now

  • Cloth model

    Cloth model China's garment production and export has been ranked first in the world for more than a decade. Plastic L7 fashion and apparel modelContact Now

  • Window model display

    Window model display The window is like the "eyes" of the clothing store. Nowadays, the brand clothing pays attention to the terminal sales, strengthens tContact Now

  • Chest model

    Chest model The manufacture of costume model props is divided into two types, one is made of fiberglass fiber, PU glue/2504 Taiwan glue, glass woContact Now

  • Leg touch

    Leg touch Model props refer to a kind of props that display art, fashion products, advertisements, etc. In the narrow sense, we often refer to Contact Now

  • Model props customization

    Model props customization Model props are not from the beginning, the limbs are sound and have a head and face. For a long time, the model props of the clothinContact Now

  • Model hanger

    Model hanger The model hangers have experienced a long period of time since their appearance, and they have appeared for the first time in the 19tContact Now