Window model display

Window model display

Product Details

The window is like the "eyes" of the clothing store . Nowadays, the brand clothing pays attention to the terminal sales, strengthens the display of the terminal, and the window model design has become more and more important. Here are two -5 models in the window. Placement skills.

The floor space of the window is divided into three equal parts , that is, the distance from the glass to the background is three equal parts. The front glass is “front position”, the background is “post position”, and the middle is “median position”. The previous, middle and rear positions are used to illustrate the placement of two -5 models.

How to place two models :

The positions of the two models are relatively simple, and they can be listed in the “median position”. They can also be placed slightly in front and rear, which increases the three-dimensional sense of the window space and the active sense of the display. This way is common in all kinds of ways. Two models are placed in a small window.

The placement of the three models :

The three models can also be divided into two groups, which are displayed in the form of 1+2. The positions of the models are the median, the front and the rear, and the chassis is arranged in a triangle. In this case, there can be props to balance the two sides. The weight ratio.

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