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Cloth model

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China's garment production and export has been ranked first in the world for more than a decade. Plastic L7 fashion and apparel model props have also been localized. Why are Chinese fake clothing used as fake clothing and costumes in Chinese clothing stores? Westerners, especially female bodies. The overall line is undulating, the chest and hips are prominent, the shoulders are slightly wider, and the body is relatively tall. In other words, Westerners are born with clothes racks, and fashion and fashion model props must of course be made according to the size of Westerners. This is a physiological explanation for the use of Western-style clothing model props in Chinese fashion houses.

Model props manufacturers tell you that model props mainly refer to model props that display art, fashion products, advertisements, etc., and also represent a type of occupation that engages in related work. The resin model is a hydrocarbon (hydrocarbon)-like secretion from a variety of plants, particularly conifers . Resin models can be divided into natural resin and synthetic resin. There is only one kind of natural resin, but with the development of chemical industry, many are produced by synthetic polymers. Some of them have similar chemical and physical properties to natural resins. Therefore, polymer models will be called For synthetic resin models.