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The beautiful appearance is the same, the perfect soul is unique, and your perfect costume needs the most suitable model display.


Make a unique product with one product and make your product unique.

Anhui Domi Artists Display Props Co., Ltd. process, each step requires manual fine work.

We are a complex factory integrating professional design, research and development, production and sales. We have been producing model props and crafts for more than ten years. We have rich production experience and a strong R&D team, which can be in a very short time. According to the specific needs and actual conditions of the customers, we provide a series of services such as mud drafting, sample modification, and remanufacturing. We have the confidence and strength to accept the high-end customization requirements of our customers.

1. Select similar products from the factory to make samples and make production.

2 , can send samples to the factory for mold making

3 , according to the picture for mud sculpture proofing production

4 , create a 3D model print sample production

5 , the color can be according to requirements: paint, cloth, plating, transparent, stickers, water transfer, hand-painted patterns.

6 , home display products, IP crafts to map production