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Male model

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The model props manufacturer tells you that the clothing model props are themselves imported goods. In 1573, the Italian monk St. Malcolc made a mannequin resembling a doll with wood and clay and decorated it with a piece of rag. This is the early mannequin. Since then, the mannequin was quickly introduced to France. A female tailor in Paris used this mannequin to showcase new styles to customers, and received unexpected results, which caused the tailoring community to follow suit. At that time, people called this mannequin to wear fashion as a "fashion model."

The manufacture of model props is divided into two types , one is made of fiberglass fiber, PU glue/2504 Taiwan glue, glass wool, glass cloth; the other is the injection machine, which is made into a special silicone mold. It’s made.

The upper part of the garment model of the movable joint can be used to improve the rigidity and rigidity of the upper limb structure of the existing garment model. It is mainly provided with a joint mechanism on the shoulder and the elbow of the upper limb and a rotating mechanism on the boom and the arm respectively. The upper limb can be freely completed, such as front and rear, left and right swing, elbow bending, boom and arm rotation, etc., thus making the display posture and effect of the model body more obvious, not only increasing The realism of the model and the costumes, the vividness and beauty of the overall image, and the quality of the display clothing.

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