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Beijing Model Props Factory shares the color and material of the model props with you
- 2019-05-18-

Hello, everyone, Beijing Model Props Factory welcomes you, we regularly provide you with the exciting content of the model props and related information, I am very glad that everyone can pay attention to the website of our Anhui Duomi Artists Display Props Co., Ltd.! This issue of Xiaobian wants to share with you the color and material of the model props. Although they are all mannequins, the effects of different colors and materials are different. The so-called loss is a thousand miles. You should not underestimate the details!

The material and color of the model props are not monotonous, but the widely used materials are glass fiber. The common color is white. The white fiberglass can be said to be a favorite among the clothing stores. These semi-transparent models are used in the famous Uniqlo store. These translucent models are very temperament, and then the lighting effect makes the body model shine. The visual effect is self-evident. The girl’s heart is easy.

Of course, in addition to the popularity of translucent models, there are also gray models that are very popular among clothing stores. The famous fashion department store, Nordstorm, uses gray models, and gray is a cool color. It is very cool and temperament. One of the colors, it has the effect of standing out. Especially in the trend casual wear area, after the high-polished treatment on the basis of glass fiber raw materials, the texture effect of gray casting is created, and even small cracks can be seen. This design is to emphasize the sense of modernity and sharp avant-garde. .
The above mentioned only two colors, usually white mannequins are extremely common, this color is very common, is the basic color, just like everyone's clothes always have a white basic model, no matter how it is matched An error occurred. In addition to white, it is mainly gray, black and other mannequins. The too abrupt color is not suitable for model props, it will cover the design of the clothing. Then the above is all the content that Beijing Model Props Factory wants to share with you!

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