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Home crafts manufacturers introduce wood carving crafts material characteristics
- 2019-05-18-

The home crafts are made of wood, teeth, bamboo, carbon, jade carving, Mahan glass, color carving, resin, wenwan walnut, ceramics, paper-cutting, etc. In this issue, we first introduce one of the common types of wooden crafts. . Wood carving needs special attention in material selection. Everything is difficult at the beginning. Home crafts manufacturers can tell you responsibly when we choose materials according to the characteristics of the crafts we are carving. Let's take a look at the characteristics of different woods. !

The wood is different in material and the carving difficulty is different. Generally speaking, the soft wood is easy to engrave, and the thick wood is heavier than the soft wood. So how to distinguish between softwood and hardwood, usually hardwood has the characteristics of wood toughness, fine texture and bright color. Commonly known as mahogany, boxwood, rosewood, almond, elm, etc., have all the advantages of engraving, and belong to the finest engraving materials. This kind of wood is suitable for carving works with complex structure and fine shape, which is not easy to appear in the production process. Damage is broken, and it is easy to save, and the collection value is higher. On the other hand, this kind of wood carving is more laborious and easy to damage the tool.

Softer woods such as eucalyptus, ginkgo, eucalyptus, and pine are suitable for beginners. These woods are suitable for carving crafts with simple structure and more general image. Although soft wood is easier to cut, it is woody. Soft and weak color, so some places need coloring to enhance the sense of quantity.

Woods with varying degrees of wood grain, such as ash, pine, fir trees, etc., may be carved with more lyrical crafts due to wood. Generally speaking, the larger the shape is, the richer the change of wood grain is, the higher the appreciation value is; the more the shape of the crafts is, the smoother and the more decorative. However, this kind of wood is not suitable for complex and too small crafts, otherwise it will destroy its wood grain, so home crafts manufacturers here remind everyone that before creating crafts, you must understand the characteristics of wood to make better works. .