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Model hanger manufacturers introduce model props material
- 2019-05-18-

Hello, everyone, this is the home of Anhui Xiaomi Artists Display Co., Ltd. Xiaobian, I am very happy to meet you again! Nowadays, the model props have already known to us the extent to which people know. So do you know the material of the model props? Do you know which materials are made of these model props? Let the model hanger manufacturers come for everyone. Introduce the material of the model props!

There are currently four main types of model props: FRP fiber, PU glue, 2504 Taiwan glue and cotton fabric. FRP is a composite material composed of epoxy resin and glass fiber, while synthetic fiber refers to polyacrylonitrile, polyester, polyamide, etc., glass fiber is generally used together with epoxy resin for model props, glass fiber and epoxy resin. It can have the hardness and strength comparable to steel, which can enhance the wear resistance of the model props and effectively extend its service life.
Secondly, PU glue, the so-called PU is the abbreviation of English Polyurethane, its Chinese name is polyurethane, referred to as polyurethane. Different chemical blending also enhances the physical properties of polyurethane in terms of density, elasticity, rigidity, etc. Many clothing stores use model props made of this material.

2504 Taiwan glue and cotton fabric are not commonly used. We have not introduced much here. Usually, the cotton fabric model is filled with cotton inside and has soft steel wire inside, which is foldable and bendable.

The above is the full content brought by Anhui Duomi Artists Display Props Co., Ltd. We are a professional model hanger manufacturer, a strong R & D team, perfect after-sales service, outstanding products, we have gone through 11 years A long road. We will always be your loyal companion and collaborator!