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Basic introduction of wooden hangers
- 2019-05-18-

Since its appearance, wooden hangers have been regarded as a long history. It has accompanied the wisdom of the ancients and developed into modern times. It has gone through many times to take the essence to the dregs. The hangers we use today are a combination of traditional styles and modern practical functions. Although there are countless drying tools, as one of the pillars of the drying tools, we still have to introduce the hangers. The basic situation!

Hangers are the drying tools used to wear drapes. The ancient hangers are different from our modern hangers. Most of the hangers we use today are hook-and-fork type, and the hangers are multi-functional. In ancient times, the hangers used by the ancients were mostly in the form of crossbars. There were columns on both sides, and the bases of the wooden piers were up and down. There were horizontal plates or traverses between the two columns, and the ends of the columns were horizontally beamed. The end of the pattern is carved with dragon and phoenix or ganoderma lucidum or cloud head, including the Qing Dynasty hangers.

The ancient hangers have an openwork decoration, which can play a firm role. The clothes are taken off and placed on the crossbar. The hangers have evolved into modern times and have evolved. The ancients did not wear suits, mostly gowns for everyday wear, while Hyundai developed formal suits such as suits, so the form of hangers naturally changed.

In general, the production conditions of wooden hangers must be met to produce high-quality hangers. The wood used should have good results when the dry and wet conditions are below 18 degrees. The wood with insects should be discarded and should not be used as production materials. The best wood is selected, and then through the four processes of blanking, sanding, painting and assembly, we can make the hangers needed for our daily life.