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FRP IP handicraft manufacturer introduces FRP process
- 2019-05-18-

The society is highly developed, and people's educational level is getting higher and higher. In the past, non-professional laymen had a high probability of not knowing what FRP is doing, but now, even if it is not in the industry, it may This area has been involved. And as crafts become more and more popular, FRP IP crafts are gradually being understood by the public, so today Xiaobian will talk about the FRP process with everyone!

The FRP process includes hand lay-up process, pultrusion process, winding forming process, and compression molding process. Here, Xiaobian wants to introduce the hand lay-up process. The hand lay-up process, also known as contact forming, is a very early and widely used molding method used in the production of resin-based composites.

The hand lay-up process is a kind of resin mixture with a curing agent as a matrix, glass fiber and its fabric as a reinforcing material, and hand-laid and bonded on a mold coated with a mold release agent to bond the two together. A process for manufacturing a FRP product together . The matrix resin is usually an unsaturated polyester resin or an epoxy resin, and the reinforcing material is usually an alkali-free or medium-alkali glass fiber and a fabric thereof. Since it is suitable for the production of multi-variety and small-volume products, it is not limited by the type and shape of the product, so the use of mechanical equipment rarely occurs during the hand lay-up process.

The hand lay-up process requires first applying a release agent on the surface of the cleaned or surface-treated mold, and then adding the curing agent, accelerator, pigment paste and other additives after it is sufficiently dried, and stirring to make it into a glue. A clothing or resin mixture is applied to the molding surface of the mold, and then a reinforcing material such as a cut glass cloth is placed thereon, and the resin is soaked and the air bubbles are removed. The above operation is repeated until it reaches the design thickness, and then cured. mold. The above is all the content brought by FRP IP crafts manufacturers!