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The importance of window display
- 2019-05-18-

In this era of defeating love in this detail, it is too cruel to even study the details of the window model placed by the consumer. Although life always faces our faces, Xiao Bian will always stand behind everyone behind the scenes, and do the silent effort behind everyone to return to Lei Feng! Then, Xiaobian will tell you the importance of the model placement. Don’t miss it when you pass by!

The exaggeration of the model's placement is proportional to the attention of the clothing store. The more attention is paid to the details, the more attractive the clothing store is to consumers. In a definition, this three-dimensional effect is called "introducing human elements." Through the study of human nature, it is worn on the model props to show consumers how they fit together to create a complete fashion image and then stimulate their impromptu purchase desire.

It is no exaggeration to say that the mannequins in the window are of great responsibility. It plays the role of a consultant, working with his own body, providing consumers with advice on matching purchases all the time, without charge! The product display carrier is tens of thousands. However, the effect is obvious when it is a mannequin. The carrier such as a hanger is only an accessory for supporting clothes, and the model is an important carrier for product display. The correct model choice can more fully reflect the value of the goods, so the model is a crucial factor.

Maybe many men don't know why girls are so fond of shopping, and both Bai Fumei and slum girls have an inexplicable dedication to shopping. In fact, even if you don't buy a shopping mall, you don't want to go shopping, because in general, the window models are all popular styles, and these brand images reflect the current fashion and popular elements. Conversely, the placement of models in clothing stores must be a priority in attracting female consumers.