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Model props rental factory to bring you to understand other uses of PU glue
- 2019-05-18-

Hello, everyone, this is the home of the model props rental manufacturer, I am very happy to meet you again! When we rent model props, do we feel embarrassed about choosing the model props of any material? For those who choose difficult symptoms, they must have been difficult for thousands of times. In fact, as long as you understand the different characteristics of the different materials of the model props, you can choose according to your actual situation and specific needs. Then this issue of Xiaobian wants to share with you the material of PU glue. What other uses can PU glue besides making model props?

PU is the abbreviation of English Polyurethane, its Chinese name is referred to as polyurethane. In addition to being used to make model props, it is also widely used in aviation, railway, construction, sports and other industries. Including wooden furniture and metal surface covering; storage tanks, pipes, cold storage, beer, fermenters, fresh-keeping barrels, thermal insulation and cold preservation, building construction insulation and waterproof, can also be used for prefabricated polyurethane sheet; manufacturing plastic products, wear-resistant synthetic rubber Products, synthetic fibers, rigid and flexible foam products, adhesives and coatings; surface finishes for all types of wood, chemical equipment, telecommunications equipment and instruments, and various transportation vehicles.

Because it is a high-strength, tear-resistant, wear-resistant polymer material, it is also used in daily life, industrial and agricultural production, medicine, etc., including rollers, conveyor belts, hoses, automotive parts, soles, and synthetics. Leather, wire and cable, medical artificial organs, etc.; flexible foam for cushioning vehicles, homes, clothing, rigid foam for insulation, sound absorption, packaging, insulation and low foaming synthetic wood, coatings for Vehicles, furniture, wood and metal protection, pool dams and building anti-leakage materials, and fabric coatings. The above is all the content that the model prop rental manufacturer brings to you!